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E.ON Gaz inaugureaza un Business Service Center la Cluj-Napoca si angajeaza 600 de oameni

Din 08 Ianuarie 2013 2 comentarii Vizualizari: 1857
E.ON Gaz inaugureaza un Business Service Center la Cluj-Napoca si angajeaza 600 de oameni
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E.ON Romania inaugureaza la Cluj-Napoca, marti, 8 ianuarie, Centrul de Servicii Suport Afaceri al Grupului E.ON. Centrul va functiona in cadrul Amera Tower, etajul IX, pe Calea Baciului, nr.2 - 4, iar la inaugurare vor fi prezenti oficialii de rang inalt E.ON, reprezentantii Guvernului Romaniei si ai autoritatilor publice locale.


”Ne bucuram sa anuntam ca Grupul E.ON ia in considerare Romania ca locatie pentru un Business Service Center, mai exact, orasul Cluj-Napoca. Acest centru va oferi in special servicii de contabilitate, insa va avea si rolul de a oferi suport pentru activitatile de Resurse Umane. Prin infiintarea acestui centru se are in vedere crearea a cca. 600 de locuri de munca. Insa, acest lucru depinde si de capacitatea E.ON de a asigura conditii de angajare competitive in negocierile cu reprezentantii angajatilor, ce urmeaza sa aiba loc”, a declarat Frank Hajdinjak, CEO al E.ON Romania.



In unitatile de conducere, unitatile operative si de suport ale companiilor Grupului E.ON vor continua sa lucreze in domeniile Resurse Umane si Contabilitate cca. 1.400 de angajati. Acestia vor asigura o interfata intre unitatile respective si Business Service Center la nivel de Grup.

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  • L5MFUV , [url=]wqekabzhqqpn[/url], [link=]vteukdxwzfqk[/link],
    De: tevkfnavwsu, Din: 28 Ianuarie 2013
  • CONTINUINGIt`s really a good qseution about how many Gypsies were exterminated! The figures are higher in Europe, but for Romania (which history I know better) I`d ask: "how many were saved"? In the 30s and 40s there were hard times and I also could recall that Romania was a little state among two military giants, the Third Reich and the Soviet Empire. In the 30s, the Romanian oil reserve were the biggest in Europe, so I could see a great interest of the giants in this small country. A Treaty of Nonaggression was a must. The French promises of help felt due to the invasion and the UK were still sleeping. Americans and Canadians? Still not thinking about the Europeans and their problems.Through the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact,Transylvania and Basarabia were snatched from Romania and divided for the two powers. The perspective of an other Diktat regarding the rest of the territory was imminent. So, I think we had no other choice than to enter under the dictatorship of Marshall Antonescu and to sign a treaty with the German Reich. Unfortunately, this Treaty included points about deporting Jews and Gypsies. With the German army in the country, with Transylvania under the Hungarian Horthy`s cruelest troops, with Basarabia under the severe Soviets, Antonescu did put Jews and Gypsies in the trains with unknown destination. Hard time, cruel times, I wish that no generation would live again those horrible moments! But what is also little known is that there were even more trains, hundreds of trains that pointed the semi-free North Romania. These trains, full of Gypsies and Jews were trains of freedom. None of the rulers of the occupied or NEUTRAL Europe had the guts to confront Hitler with such unobedience and opprobrium about the extermination policy. They say when Hitler heard about Antonescu`s freedom trains, he spit and called Marshall "a Romanian rat". Useless to say about individuals cases when Jews or Gypsies were hidden in the houses of the Romanians which took the risks of condemning to death their entire family. I could probably speak about a village here, near Cluj-Napoca where my grand-grandparents are from.
    De: Cristal, Din: 24 Ianuarie 2013






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